Therapy Services 

At Hope & Healing Counseling Services we provide individual, children, couples, and family counseling from our highly qualified trained Therapist.  All sessions are done in-office or through telehealth (phone, video sessions). 

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Therapy for Couples 

Family at a Beach

Therapy for Family 


Happy Children

Therapy for Children  

Best Friends Chatting

Therapy for Teens  

Beach Walk

Therapy for Adults 

Autism Therapy

Play Therapy 

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Tele-therapy: Video therapy & Phone Sessions  

Have therapy from the comfort of your own home through a video or phone session. 

Hope & Healing Specialities 

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Grief & Loss 

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Anxiety / Depression 

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Life Stressors 

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Autism/ADHD/Special Needs 

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Divorce / Seperation

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Trauma / PTSD

Family at a Beach

Parenting Issues 

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Marital Conflict 

Lending a Helping Hand

Addiction / Sexual Challenges 

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Pre-teen / Teen Issues